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HistoTrac is presented in modules that are built to supplement the extensive functionality of the Core Package. The Core performs the main functions of the laboratory - from sample accessioning through test reporting, test history for all patients and donors, billing, workload, inventory, and much more.

The features of the Core are described briefly here with additional information to be found by viewing our online brochure.

Automated Log Books
Put away your paper log book and quickly search the samples and tests that your laboratory has received.

Sera Inventory
HistoTrac allows you to easily store and locate your sera without having a paper log. Keep an automated, up-to-date inventory of your freezers.

Complete Patient/Donor Demographics
Track, search, and report detailed information on every patient or donor on whom you have worked.

Test History
The Provider History screens store all the test results on the patient, the donor, and all the case members associated with patient. You'll see results of HLA typing, whether serological or molecular, of antibody screening by cytotoxicity, ELISA and flow cytometry, and of crossmatching.

Selected Review Processes
You'll want to send some tests through a two-person review cycle, while other tests can be signed out as soon as the results are entered. Choose from zero-, one- or two-step review processes that put your results into a queue for easy viewing.

Workload Statistics
Track test volumes and turn-around-times by test name and by technologist for a date range.

Create billing template(s) for each client and use it each time you bill. Include just the necessary information needed by each client. Send the data by ASCII file or on paper, whichever your billing department requests.

UNOS Activities
Handle organ sharing activities and produce patient lists for assistance in sharing-tray preparation.

Report Generation
You'll be proud of your laboratory results as they are displayed on a report format that contains your laboratory's header and that presents all the information that is required by accrediting agencies. In addition to the official reports, there are numerous internal reports to help move your work through the laboratory. Reports are written in the leading Windows-based reporting tool - Crystal Reports.