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What features can you expect with HistoScope software?

  • Patient and donor database with search tools
  • Efficient movement of the Robbins Auto-Scope motorized stage, using the controller keypad or the computer keyboard
  • Microsoft® tools-icons, drag and drop, double-click to open, color coding, and more
  • Menu bar and an icon bar for easy access to software features
  • Installation on networked computers
  • Tray score reports
  • Reagent and sample database for preparing tray definitions
  • Score, re-score, and double-score features
  • Table-driven provider demographics
How does HistoScope handle the details?

  • Move the stage to any well with the click of the mouse.
  • Copy and rename tray layouts.
  • Store serology tray readings in patient/donor history.
  • Drag samples/reagents and drop into tray layouts.
  • Display your choice of information about well content on the tray report.
  • Group patient samples for easy loading of screening crossmatch trays.
  • Establish tray reading order for easy reading of custom tray designs.
  • Enter method and individual tray information on each tray.
  • Use color-coding for easy recognition of tray scores and well contents.
  • Archive/restore tray definitions and tray scores.
  • Add comments for viewing while reading each well