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Maintain tables for reagents, controls, and samples
  • Enter reagent and control items once. Select from the table to create a tray definition. Place patient samples into well locations quickly from a list of previously entered samples.
Use the drag and drop feature to load well contents
  • Pick from list of reagents or samples and load tray in any order quickly and accurately. Make changes quickly.
Filter feature groups similar reagents or samples
  • Group like samples together for easy movement into tray locations. (Ex. Group patients by blood group to make screening crossmatch trays.)

Tray layouts can be copied and renamed

  • No need to re-enter well contents when a new lot number is used.
  • Copy the previous lot, drag and drop to make any changes in the well contents from the previous lot number.
Tray subcategories and names are user-defined
  • Enter tray names without format limitations.
Establish reading pattern for each tray
  • Activate only those wells with contents. If the tray has empty wells, no need to 'read to the end of the tray'.
  • Read serpentine or by column, whole tray or partial tray, any order that is right for the tray content.
Establish tray properties
  • Set up well number, inter-well distance to facilitate proper reading movement of the stage.
Archive trays
  • Use the archive feature to remove trays that are no longer in use.