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Ad Hoc Query
The Ad Hoc Query module is a powerful database search tool. Ask any question about your patients or your workload or your test results and GET the ANSWER!!

The Barcode and Label Modules are available for sending tube mailers to your patients and for creating labels for test tubes used in the laboratory. Either module will save you time and reduce those errors.

Cell/DNA Panel Registry and Inventory
This module is designed for those who store frozen lymphocytes or DNA on panel members for use in reagent quality control or for quality assurance standards. Store samples in inventory. Identify the panel member you need by using a specificity search tool for the HLA type.

Cord Bank Registry
The Cord Bank Registry Module is specially designed to collect and store the sample information that is unique to cord blood units. Capture mom’s sample ID as well as the cord unit numbers.

Custom Integration
Merge your present database into HistoTrac for continuity of patient care. Interface HistoTrac with your hospital's information system. Integrate instrument output for efficient movement of results into HistoTrac. SystemLink, Inc. provides the custom integration that will create the best system for your laboratory.

DNA Sample Registry and Inventory
The DNA Sample Registry and Inventory Module allows you to generate a worksheet, record the extraction results (concentration, amount, etc.) and quickly place the sample into inventory.

Electronic Signature
Sign out your reports with the Electronic Signature and fax them directly to your clients.

Equipment Inventory
The Equipment Inventory Module documents the ‘vital statistics’ on every piece of equipment. Know when you bought it, from whom, when the warranty runs out, what its depreciated value is, and so on.

Instrument Integration
Instrument integration is available for automated microscopes and for ELISA readers. Integration saves time and reduces transcription errors and allows the results (raw data) to be imported into HistoTrac.

Infectious Disease
The Infectious Disease Module is for those who perform infectious disease tests. You can order tests, enter results, and record history of any infectious disease test you may offer.

Mass Antibody Screening
The Antibody Screening Module makes batching all those tests for this month’s antibody testing easy. Create your own batches and use these batches to group tests by assay method, for a time period.

The Paternity Testing Module lets you document the required identification items needed to ensure legal presentation of the paternity case. Store HLA typing results. Use the Red Cell Typing Module alongside this module for complete test history.

The Purchasing/Supply Module keeps track of all your supplies and the vendors from whom you purchase them. It groups disposable supplies, reagents, general laboratory supplies and office supplies.

Quality Assurance
The Quality Assurance Module helps make that inspection process easier. Keep track of everything the inspector is going to look for and make the review easier.

Red Cell Typing
The Red Cell Typing Module lets you order and report ABO, Rh, Duffy, Kell, Kidd, MNS red cell typing systems and antibody screening tests. Document the test methods you use and the test results in the provider’s history files.

Remote Access
Remote Access is custom-designed to give you the flexibility to take your business wherever you and all your staff may be. Access the HistoTrac database using a laptop or your home PC. Have at your fingertips the information you need to make important decisions quickly.

Test Orders by Batteries and Business Rules
If you order a different group of tests on patients received from various clients - use Batteries and Business Rules to speed test ordering. You'll always have the correct tests ordered for your clients.

Training of you and your staff on-site will shorten the learning curve always associated with the changes inherent in the implementation of a new software system. Not only will the staff learn the software functions more quickly but the trainer can evaluate the use of the software in your setting, making suggestions to help fully utilize the many features offered in HistoTrac.

Tray Design
The Tray Design Module is an indispensable tool if you make crossmatch plates, antibody screening trays, or any kind of serological or molecular typing plates. Create templates for trays that you prepare again and again.

UNET Interface
The UNET Module saves time at the keyboard during donor workups for Organ Sharing Trays. You can also upload PRA data directly to UNET, reducing data entry and transcription errors.