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About HistoTracf
HistoTrac is a full laboratory management system for the HLA laboratory. It is offered in modules to facilitate the building of a system that accommodates the testing services provided by your laboratory. The Core Package is the center of the software, providing for all the basic functions of the laboratory. Add modules, now or later, depending on your needs.

HistoTrac Core Software
The HistoTrac Core Software is all you need to manage your laboratory. Handle samples and orders on patients and donors from test request through reporting of results. Look up patient demographics and test history. Create a billing invoice. Calculate TAT. Print reports for your clients. Reply to information requests using the query tool. Look up patient test results and associated data — all in the same database!

Software Services and System Requirements
Choosing software with specific functionality to meet your laboratory’s needs is a major part of implementing a new software system. Once that choice is made, you may require additional services to build a system to better service your clients.

Batch, Tray, Process, and Label Management
HistoTrac provides important tools for managing processes that are unique to histocompatibility labs. The complexity of the testing process often results in each laboratory having a number of worksheets to keep track of everything! And when you are ready to store your samples - those very small tubes are difficult to write on.

Histocompatibility Specialties
Maintaining an accurate listing of patient data used in the UNOS patient-donor matching process is critical. This module provides a means to identify differences between the patient data in HistoTrac and the same patient’s data that has been entered in UNOS when listing the patient. The UNOS Wait List is downloaded from UNOS and imported into HistoTrac with patient data validation.

Reagent Vendor Interfaces, HL7 Interfaces, & HIPAA Auditing
Reagent Vendor (RV) Interfaces are valuable tools — the most powerful of all additions to your HistoTrac system. RV software integration saves time and reduces transcription errors by importing test results directly from the testing analysis software into HistoTrac.

Reports, Report Printing and Remote Access to Reports
The HistoTrac Core software uses a test sign out process to present the user with a mechanism for printing test reports during the final review process for each test. The Core software provides the official reports, the mechanism to print them, and the generation of pdf files following the printing of reports.