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HistoScope has been developed to replace the DOS-based software that operates the Robbins Auto-Scope motorized stage. It operates the current stage and controller box so there is no need to buy new hardware. The software is offered in two versions, as stand-alone software and as a module with the HistoTrac, HLA Laboratory Information System. HistoScope has all the benefits of Windows-based software and offers all the features (and MORE…) that you are accustomed to with your current software

  • HistoScope operates in a Windows 95/98/00/NT environment.
  • Single data entry for all your tray-reading activities saves time and reduces errors.
  • A single database stores your tray definitions, tray scores and patient/donor tray reading information.
  • New software allows you to continue to use the automated stage on your microscope while upgrading your computers to current technology.
  • Reports offer tray results for 60-, 72-, and 96-well trays in column and grid format.