SystemLink, Inc.
About Us

Produced by SystemLink, Inc., HistoTrac® is an Windows-based HLA Laboratory Management Software System designed to provide a complete and seamless management solution for your laboratory. It handles everything from sample accessioning, test resulting, to reporting while keeping track of all the management functions of the lab. HistoTrac® allows the integration of output from automated instruments, other laboratory systems, and desktop software, empowering you to manage your work effectively.

We are a professional services firm helping laboratories and businesses use current technologies and capitalize on technology advancements. SystemLink, Inc. cultivates a positive client relationship by using an inclusive service approach that features strategic consulting, creative design, technology deployment, maintenance and security services. Our mix of Histocompatibility experience, software design expertise in a strong SystemLink, Inc. culture assures you of a quality software product that meets your specialized needs, at a price you can afford, within a time line that fits your schedule. We understand the field of Histocompatibility, the nature of your business, and your needs as an individual client.